Mesozoic Miscellania





A potpourri of prehistoric collectibles, including an Aurora Allosaurus plastic assembly kit (1971), a dinosaur rug (Fun Rugs from “Olive Kids Dinosaurland”). a skull (cast) of the basal horned dinosaur Liaoceratops yanzigouensis from Gaston Design, Fruita, CO, some “Los Cheapos Dinosaurios,” some dinosaur-related keychains, a Tyrannosaurus rex Spardose coin bank from Bullyland, Germany, a Jurassic Park plastic kit model of Tyrannosaurus rex (from Tsukuda Hobby). waxy plastic toy Megatherium and Smilodon figures produced by the Miller company during the middle 1950s, a waste basket from Chein Industries (1981), a Flintstones Hunting Party set (Marx, — based on Hanna-Barbera’s hit TV cartoon series), the latter including three dinosaur figures, the Stegosaurus copied (albeit “reversed”) from the classic early 20th Century model sculpted by paleontologist Charles Whitney Gilmore — also a (ca. 1934) tin Sinclair Oil Co. sign. dinosaur rugAurora AllosaurusHunting-partyhunting-party2
Millers-waste-basketLiaoceratops-skullCheap-dinosaursChina vinyl dinosaurs

Bullyland T. rex bankkeychains-























Flintstones Hunting Party