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WARNING TO PARENTS! This website is not aimed at children (including hatchlings, juveniles and subadults). So if you are looking for cute dinosaurs like “Barney” and the lovable PC characters from Disney’s Dinosaur and The Land Before Time movies, I strongly suggest that you go to another “dinosaur website.”

Greetings, fans of things prehistoric!

And welcome to my very large collection of dinosaur items and other “prehistoria.” As an introduction, I am a director/writer of independent movies (see, a writer of novels (including The Empire Strikes Back), short stories, nonfiction books, comic books, motion pictures http:/, TV shows (live action and animation), music, articles, etc. I am a musician, photographer, lecturer and actor (mostly voice-overs) (see; also, I am Talent Director of Los Angeles Models,  a subsidiary of Las Vegas Talent Agency. Much of what I have written, both non-fiction and fiction, has involved dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, such as my Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia series of books (see “Bibliography”).

I’ve worked on dinosaur movies like Roger Corman’s Carnosaur and my own Dinosaur Valley Girls; worked on such TV shows as Dinosaur Revolution, Dinosaurs and its follow-up More Dinosaurs (both shot in part at my home), Nova, Paleo World, Discovery Kids and Prehistoric Super Stars, and appeared as a “talking head” on even more; worked on such video and CD ROM projects as Creatures Great and Small, Dinosaurs Next Exit, America’s Prehistoric Parks, Dinosaur Digs: A Fossil Finder’s Tour, Dinosaur Museum and my own Dinosaur Movies and Fossil Hunter; worked on special projects and exhibits with museums including the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, The Field Museum, the Witte Museum, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and the Rochester Museum and Science Center; and have lectured on such topics as dinosaur movies and artist Charles R. Knight at myriad museums, libraries, schools and other institutions.

Also, I was a volunteer at The Field Museum and am currently volunteering at the “Dinosaur Institute” of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, where I get to work first-hand on real dinosaur bones.

I first got interested in things prehistoric at about the age of six or seven, at which time I started collecting, albeit then on a very small scale, things pertaining to dinosaurs and other forms of ancient life (see the B.C. Gallery). Most of my “serious” collecting began during the early 1980s, however, when I had the opportunity of purchasing a resin skull cast of the gigantic carnivorous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex.  From that point the collection seemed to take on a life of its own, growing to what it is today.

Indeed, my house has become a “museum,” as you will see when you go through the photos posted on this website (mostly in “Gallery 1“), each room cluttered with “prehistoric” items. My amiable  “museum tour guides” will take you on a virtual tour through the entire house, one room at a time, as if you were actually here, and through many of the items displayed in each room.

I’ve tried to make this website informative but also fun. Yet big as this website is, it’s actually– like some sauropod dinosaurs —  much bigger.  Many of the pages have links (CLICK HERE) to sub-pages (HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW)…and some of those have links within links to yet more sub-pages. Don’t miss those; but, like a paleontologist out doing field work, you’ll have to dig. But I warn you, while much of this website is “paleontologically correct,” it is by no means, as you will discover, “politically correct” (it’s “BC,” not “PC”).

The quickest (though not necessarily the safest) way to get to Gallery 1 is to click on…


And after the indoor part of the tour, make sure you visit my backyard “Dinosaur Park” (or click on photo below).

Back in the 1980s, my house became the setting for two ABC television specials, Dinosaurs and More Dinosaurs? (, both starring Gary Owens and Eric Boardman, the latter show subsequently released on home video and DVD.  In 2012 the outdoor part of my collection was featured on the ABC primetime television series Nightline.  And in 2015 my home was used as a location for the horror motion picture Pale Horse.

Visitors — who are at least 18 years old and like to look at very sexy ladies as well as cool dinosaurs – may also want to check out “Gallery 2.” There’s a whole “tribe of cavegirls” waiting to meet you. But watch out for those spears!

After the tour, remember that you are always welcome to come back for another visit. My collection continues to expands. So you may very well see something new.

For a brief but cool video tour through my museum, courtesy of Jerry (Karlos Borloff) Moore, CLICK HERE.

“Dinosaur” Don Glut


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